Viper X-Treme Electronic Dartboard


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The X-treme board is comprised of Target Tested Tough™, commercial grade nylon segments that out perform conventional plastic. 12 dart storage in door panel. 16 player scoring options for all your friends, or master your skills against the computers’ 3 skill levels.




  • Regulation 151/2″ target face
  • Concave segment holes
  • Display with scrolling screen
  • Single/double in/out options for 01 games
  • Best dart out for 01 games
  • Single/double bullseye option
  • Handicap option for each player
  • Single or team cyber play
  • Fast game selection with up/down buttons
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Front mounting for easy hanging
  • Auto player change
  • Missed dart button
  • Eliminate score button
  • Team double elimination
  • Missed darts catch ring
  • Voice with adjustable volume
  • Bounce out button
  • Drawer for extra tips
  • Storage for 4 sets of darts
  • Store 5 of your favorite games for easy retrieval
  • 1 year limited warranty





  • 6 free darts
  • AC adapter (#42-9993, 9V 500MA, positive to negative)

Additional information

Weight 17.8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 in


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