Traxxas Aton Quad-Rotor Helicopter with 2.4GHz Radio, Action Camera Mount, LiPo Battery & Charger, Red


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Meet Aton, Your Personal Video Assistant

Aton™ is your personal video assistant that captures stunning aerial footage in a way that is easy and fun, without the need for any specialized skill or experience. Aton is sporty and smart, practically flying itself with auto take off and simple, intuitive directional control. You simply direct Aton towards your subject and Aton becomes the steady hand in the sky that captures the moment from exciting new vantage points. Press a button, and Aton quickly returns to home and lands automatically.
Three Modes. One Is Just Right For You

Photographer, fun flyer, or skilled trick master, Aton has a mode for everything you want to accomplish.

Aton excels at capturing beautiful video and images with easy to use control that makes getting the shot virtually effortless. No previous experience with flight or radio control is needed.

Easy-to-use. No flight experience required
Easily capture stunning photos and video with your GoPro® or other action camera (not included)
No complicated setup or calibration is needed.
Engineered for less noise and quieter operation.
Auto take off and return to home


Aton uses sophisticated dual-mode GPS to enable advanced features such as return- to-home, position hold, and app-adjustable flight ceiling and geofence boundaries.
Aton lets you focus on filming your subject while it does the flying. Safely return to home at any point by pressing a button. Aton comes home automatically when your battery is low or if Aton travels beyond the geofence.


Brushless Motors
Powerful and efficient high-output brushless motors give Aton™ plenty of horsepower for any mission.

LED Status Bar
4 easy to see LEDs indicate power on, satellite link established, return-to-home location set, and overall system status.

Integrated GPS Antenna
Protected GPS
The GPS system is cleverly integrated into the roll hoop to shield it from radio frequency interference and protect it from physical damage.

Durable Frame
Rugged Design
With decades of experience engineering the worlds fastest Ready-to-Race radio controlled models, Aton is built to go the distance with strong composite materials and proven design methods. All the parts are available to support Aton to keep it flying for years to come.

High-Visibility LED Light Pipes
High Visibility LED Lighting
Aton shines brightly with high output LEDs that light up the sky with brilliant color that helps you see and maintain your directional orientation.

Monster Travel
Tuned Props
Aton’s props are specially tuned for quiet, smooth, and efficient operation. Aton moves pleasantly through its surroundings with minimal noise and distraction.

Battery Door
Fully Enclosed Battery Compartment
The battery on the Aton™ is fully enclosed and protected.


Traxxas Flight Link transforms your Apple iOS® or Android™ device into a powerful tool that equips Aton with an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface.

Check Flight Ready Status
Check battery levels and verify GPS and radio connections
Adjust Film Mode Speed
Fine-tune your settings by simply touching and dragging the sliders on the screen
Navigate the Transmitter Menu Tree
Easily navigate the transmitter settings with a full-color graphical user interface
Adjust LED Settings
Turn the LEDs on or off from your smart phone
Adjust Rates
Tune how fast and responsive Aton is in Sport and Expert modes
Set the Geofence Radius
Designate virtual boundaries for Aton
Set the Flight Ceiling (Max altitude)
Set a vertical flight limit
Monitor Battery Status
See how much charge is left in your battery
Coming Early 2016:
FPV Framing View
3-Axis Gimbal Control
Headless Mode Operation



Can I really fly Aton?
Yes! In Film mode, Aton virtually flies itself. You just direct Aton where you want it to go. You do not have to know how to fly at all.

What if I mess up?
Press the Return To Home Button on the transmitter and Aton will immediately stop what it was doing and use GPS to quickly return to its home location.

What if I run out of battery?
Aton will tell you when the battery is getting low. If the battery gets too low, Aton automatically returns to home.

How do I set it up?
Turn on the transmitter and plug in a charged battery. Aton will then take about a minute to locate the GPS satellites. When you see four solid green LEDs on Aton’s status bar, Aton is ready for take off.

Don’t I have to go through some complicated calibration first?
No calibration is required. We calibrated Aton at the factory so that you don’t have to.

How do I take off?
Aton features auto-take off. Move the left throttle stick to the halfway point and Aton takes off and hovers about 10-feet above the ground waiting for the next command.

How do I control it?
Aton virtually flies itself in Film Mode. Simply move the control stick in the direction you want to go. Move the throttle stick up to go up, down to descend, and then back to the middle to hover in place.

How do I know if Aton is going up or down?
When Aton is far away, it can be hard to see if it is moving slowly up or down. The transmitter emits audible beeps to alert you that you are either ascending (up) or descending (down). There is no tone when you are hovering. This patent pending feature is exclusive to Aton.

How do I land it?
Press Return To Home and Aton lands itself. You can also slowly descend until Aton is safely on the ground.

How far away can I fly?
Out of the box, Aton has a GPS geofence of about 500 feet (150 meters). This radius can be changed using the Traxxas Flight Link app. In good conditions Aton has the ability to fly beyond an average person’s line of site.

What if I operate it beyond its radio control range?
No problem. If the radio signal is lost, Aton simply returns to home by itself.

How does the camera mount?
Aton includes a fixed mount with vibration-damping that is compatible with the GoPro® accessory system. Aton Plus features a 2-Axis gimbal that includes a mount for GoPro® HERO® 3 and 4 series cameras.

What is the difference between Aton and Aton Plus?
Aton has a fixed camera mount and 3000mAh capacity battery. Aton plus adds a 2-Axis motorized gimbal and replaces the 3000 mAh battery with a higher capacity 5000mAh battery (for longer flight time).

In some pictures, Aton does not have its landing gear installed. Why is that?
The landing gear is installed to protect the camera. When the camera is not in use, the landing gear is easily removed to reduce weight and drag.

What is a gimbal?
A gimbal is a motorized device that stabilizes the view of the camera so that your video is not affected by Aton’s flight motions.

Does Aton have a Gimbal?
Aton Plus includes a 2-axis precision motorized gimbal (available separately for Aton). A 3-axis gimbal equipped with FPV framing is coming in early 2016.

Why does a gimbal have 2 or 3 axis?
The number of axis defines the movement. A 2-axis gimbal counteracts pitch (forward and back) and roll (side-to-side) movement. A 3-Axis gimbal adds the ability to counteract yaw movement (rotation clockwise or counterclockwise).

How long does Aton fly?
Aton flies about 18-20 minutes on the included 3000mAh battery. The 5000mAh battery (Aton Plus), increases flight times to around 25-28 minutes. Adding the weight of the camera and gimbal reduces flight times by approximately 5-7 minutes. Variables such as wind and temperature also affect flight time.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
The included 3-amp AC charger will fully charge the included battery in 1-hour or less. Traxxas iD chargers (sold separately) can cut the charge time in half and charge two batteries at the same time.

What is battery iD?
Traxxas’ exclusive patent pending iD system makes battery charging a snap by eliminating the need to program charger settings. Just plug in the battery and press the start button.

Who is Sport mode for?
You don’t have to know how to fly to have fun with Aton, but if you do want to explore learning to fly, Sport mode’s 6-axis flight control makes it easy. Air brakes and Return To Home are always there to help out when you need it.

Who is Expert mode for?
Expert mode is for a small group of the most experienced, hardcore pilots who want to take full control of Aton’s incredible power and flight capabilities.

What are air brakes?
When flying in sport or expert mode, air brakes stop the Aton in a stable and level hover. This is a great tool to assist those that want to learn how to fly.



What’s Included

Blade Circle: 22.83″ (580mm)
Rotor Diameter: 8.27″ (210mm)
Rotor Center Distance Diagonal: 14.57″ (370mm)
Rotor Hub Distance Vertical: 10.30″ (262mm)
Width: 18.57″ (472mm)
Overall Height: 3.70″ (94mm)
Overall Height with Landing Gear: 8.57″ (218mm)
Ground Clearance: 0.11″ (3mm)
Ground Clearance with Landing Gear: 4.87″ (124mm)
Overall Flight Weight (with Battery): 30.33 oz (860g)
Flight System: Auto-Leveling Six-Axis
Radio System: 2.4GHz 6-channel Multi-mode
Main Frame Structure/Material: Molded Composite
Battery Type: 3-Cell Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Discharge Rating: 20C
AC Battery Charger Rate: 3.0A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Outrunner
Skill Level: 1
Aton Aton Plus
Camera Mount: Fixed 2-axis Gimbal
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh 5000 mAh
Flight Time w/o Camera: 18-20 minutes* 25-28 minutes*
Flight Time w/ GoPro HERO 4 Camera: 13-15 minutes* 20-25 minutes*

Additional information

Weight 11.7 lbs
Dimensions 18.6 x 18.6 x 3.7 in


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