Pocket Disc Sport – Rasta Peace Sign




Looking for fun on the run? Then the Pocket Disc is perfect for you. This great disc is woven from 100% cotton and folds up small to fit in a backpack, pocket, or any small place. This great flyer pops open for instant fun anywhere you want to throw. Because it is soft, this is great for a game of catch in crowded places or indoors. Pocket Discs are very durable, making them great for dogs and cats. Creates instant fun in the swimming pool!

The Indoor Pocket Disc is perfect for fun inside, while the Sport Edition has more weight for outdoor distance and is color-fast. Indoor Pocket Discs have a diameter of 7.25 in and weight approximately 1.6 oz, while the Sport Edition has a diameter of 8 inches and an approximate weight of 2.6 oz.

This fun and innovative product is manufactured in Guatemala by participants in the Free Trade Federation, which strives to create sustainable trade practices.


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