Kato 176-8507 N Scale NS SD70ACe Diesel Loco #1009


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This is Kato 176-8507 N SD70ACe NS #1009/blk. SD70ACe Norfolk Southern ”Thoroughbred” #1009. The SD70ACe is the latest in the line of EMD’s ”70” locomotives that is intended to cut railroad costs for maintenance by providing a locomotive that is more efficient and more powerful, lessening fuel costs and the total numbers of running units. The Norfolk Southern’s fleet of SD70ACe’s have a number of redesigns from the “as delivered” Union Pacific units, including isolated cabs (identifiable by the visible angled seam running 45 degrees up and along the side of the cab) and specialized antenna arrangements on the cab roof.

Its key features are:
Heritage units will be specially painted with their unique paint schemes to honor their respective railroads
Newly designed prototype-accurate bolsterless non-radial HTSC truck and five chime airhorn
Exceptional and crisp molding to accentuate the distinct angular lines of the nose and high dynamic brake
Powerful five-pole KATO motor with dual brass flywheels
Directional headlight and illuminated, preprinted numberboards
Illuminated ditch lights
Kato magnetic knuckle coupler
DCC Friendly mechanism ready for drop-in decoder installation

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 1.75 × 1.25 in


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