Auto World 16′ Tokyo Midnight * Underground Racing Slot Race Set

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The Japanese Isewangan Expressway stretches between Tokyo and
Yokohama. While a famous bustling throughway for commuters during the
day, nightfall is when the Wangan really came alive. Under the cover of
midnight, this is where top racers in Japan tested their tuned-up
performance machines. Strict rules, respect, and secrecy were the name
of the game as these individuals pushed the bounds of performance
tuning under the radar. Experience the excitement for yourself as your
slot cars go head-to-head, passing by the famous Tokyo lights and Mt.
Fuji backdrop in a battle of balance between driver and machine

  • 16 Feet of Track
  • 1971 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z Xtraction Slot Car
  • 1995 TOYOTA SUPRA Xtraction Slot Car
  • 2 Speed Controllers
  • Power Pack
  • Cardboard Stand-Ups

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Weight5.85 lbs
Dimensions25 × 20 × 5 in


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