80106 Spectrum 4-4-0 B&O 1400 HO




Product Information

Because it was the most widely employed wheel arrangement in this country from the 1880s through the end of the steam era, the 4-4-0 became known as the “American.” The original ornate locomotives gave way to Americans with cleaner lines, such as these Baldwin “modern” models. Bachmann has taken the modern 4-4-0 to the next level with features such as an NMRA-compliant 8-pin decoder.

Features include:

• DCC-equipped for speed, direction, and lighting

• dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder with 8-pin plug

• cog V-belt drive

• die-cast boiler, chassis, and frame

• operating headlight

• finescale metal detail parts including separately applied bell, whistle, domes, and piping

• detailed backhead

• painted engineer and fireman figures

• RP25 metal wheels

• E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers on front and rear